NVB Bank – codes and address for transfers


SWIFT or BIC – is a string of 8 or 11 characters that is used to identify banks for foreign transfers. In Poland, the term SWIFT is used, and in other countries the BIC code, i.e. Bank Identifier Code, is used . Today we will know the SWIFT and IBAN codes and the address for transfers to Bank NVB .

NVB Bank

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Bank NVB is the Bank of Polish Cooperative. It has existed since 2002, when there was an association of 6 local banks. Currently, over 355 cooperative banks belong to NVB. NVB Bank’s offer is used primarily by small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate clients. NVB specializes in local government services, agriculture, as well as the agri-food industry.

In 2013, NVB Bank initiated the ” Bervedo Loan ” campaign , which aimed to learn a positive approach to money for schoolchildren and to show them that talent, passion and money are combined. The beginnings of NVB Bank date back to 1992.The name was changed to the current one in 2002.

Today, NVB offers its products in over 50 branches

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NVB clients are both individual clients, entrepreneurs as well as agricultural, commercial, tourist and craft institutions. What distinguishes NVB from other banks is its domestic character and NVB Bank does not associate with foreign companies. Cooperative banks associated with NVB Bank constitute about 60 percent. all cooperative banks operating in Poland and have a total of approximately 4,000 branches.

However, you must take into account that the costs associated with the recovery of an incorrectly sent transfer may fall on you. Detailed information related to the procedure of recovering a transfer sent to the wrong account number can be found on the website of the Financial Ombudsman.

Also check the elixir sessions and transfers to the account at NVB Bank . Do you have questions about services or are looking for answers, call the NVB Bank helpline .