A Simple Debt Relief Loan?

The Moneydoor loan can be used for the problem of payday payments. With its help, it will be possible to consolidate payouts up to 4,000 for a period of 30 months. Use and exchange payday loans with a single, low installment.

Moneydoor loan – reviews and information for people interested in a consolidation loan to pay off your payday loans

Moneydoor loan - reviews and information for people interested in a consolidation loan to pay off your payday loans

Loan amount: 100 – 4000
The borrower’s age: 23 – 70 years old
Self deposit no
Maximum loan period up to 30 months
Interest 10%
APRC 96.84%
Installment at the maximum loan PLN 284.41
Loan without Retrodatabase no
Credit holidays no
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Moneydoor debt relief loan

Moneydoor debt relief loan

Moneydoor is a kind of loan machine, it offers quick loans online – it provides short-term loans as well as installment loans. They differ in the repayment period, which in the first case is a maximum of 30 days, in the second – even 30 months. Short-term loans are granted for the amount of PLN 1,000, this amount may be increased up to PLN 3000, if earlier payments are repaid on time. The installment loan is available in the amount of PLN 4,000 and in this form it can be used to consolidate several short-stays. The brand is run by Supergrosz Sp. z oo, ie a lender, is a well-known Polish loan company.

Free loan in Moneydoor


You can find conflicting information about the free loan offer on the Moneydoor website. On the one hand – from the information form on the home page – we find out that the commission for the first loan is calculated only if there are late repayments. It follows that the commission is the only cost of a short-term loan, as the interest rate is then 0%. On the other hand – in the “Documents” tab – there is another version of the information form in which there is no information about a free loan. If it turns out that there is no possibility to take advantage of the free cash booking in Moneydoor, we encourage you to read one of the largest free quick loans available online.

Does Moneydoor check Retrodatabase?

Does Moneydoor check Retrodatabase?

Before receiving a refund, Moneydoor will check you in the Credit Information Office. If you have unsettled liabilities, there is a negative entry on your account in the Retrodatabase register – this can significantly hinder or even prevent a positive decision on obtaining a loan.

Does Moneydoor check the SDL?

It is difficult to provide an unambiguous answer here – on the home page there is information that a negative entry in the SDL makes it impossible to get a payday at Moneydoor, but the content of the information form indicates that the lender will not consider this Bureau of Economic Information when checking the financial credibility.

Does Moneydoor check BIG InfoMonitor and Driff?

Does Moneydoor check BIG InfoMonitor and Driff?

During the verification, the lender takes into account DIR InfoMonitor, there is no information on checking the Driff register on the Moneydoor.pl website. It follows that Moneydoor grants loans without prior verification of the SDL and Fdriff registers.

What conditions must be met to receive a Moneydoor loan?

To receive a payday at Moneydoor you must meet the following conditions:

  • have from 18 to 70 years old (for such age range indicates the content of the example contract, posted on the Moneydoor.pl website, in two other places – on the home page and in the “Questions and Answers” tab, information appears that completion is required 23 years);
  • be a citizen of the Republic of Poland;
  • have a regular source of income (not required confirmation from the employer);
  • do not have negative entries in Retrodatabase, InfoMonitor and DIR;
  • have an ID card, a bank account and a mobile number.

What is the process of applying for a loan in Moneydoor?

What is the process of applying for a loan in Moneydoor?

The process of receiving a cash payment in Moneydoor can be presented in four steps:

  1. Registration and creating a profile on the lender’s website ( www.Moneydoor.pl ). In order to complete the registration you will be asked to log in to your bank account using the lender application – GroszConnect;
  2. Completing the online application (there is no need to confirm income and send documents);
  3. Waiting for verification of the application;
  4. After accepting the application – transfer to a bank account.

Is it possible to extend the repayment date in Moneydoor?

Is it possible to extend the repayment date in Moneydoor?

Moneydoor gives you the opportunity to extend the repayment date – information on this subject appears in the example contract and the “Table of fees and commissions”. However, this option applies only to a short-term loan, in the case of an installment loan you can not count on such facilities. An application for an extension can be submitted once, it involves an additional commission (7% for 7 days delay). Whether the application for extending the repayment date will be considered positive or negative depends on the creditworthiness. If there are problems with settling liabilities on time, it is suggested to contact the hotline at 22 102 19 00 – this will allow finding a solution that satisfies both sides.

What if I do not pay off Moneydoor payday loans?

Failure to pay the loan entails the calculation of maximum interest (currently in the NBP reference rate + 5.5 percentage points annually). In such a situation, debt service may be transferred to external entities, and Moneydoor may demand repayment of the liability in court. Unregulated liabilities result in the transfer of information to the Economic Information Bureaus.

Additional information about Moneydoor loan.

Moneydoor offers clients several amenities, mentioning the possibility of granting Moneydoor’s power to sign a contract on behalf of the client (then there is no need to sign the contract yourself and send it back to the lender). The preferential conditions can count regular customers who have the opportunity to take advantage of individually created offers, depending on the timeliness of repayments. It is worth noting that we are dealing with a company that has Polish capital. To the disadvantage of Moneydoor, contradictory information is available on the lender’s website. Therefore, before submitting the application, it is worth carefully reviewing current offers.

Moneydoor loan – what does the installment consist of?

Despite the fact that the Moneydoor loan is intended for people usually excluded from the bank circulation, its costs are at a human level. Of course, if we take into account that the lender certainly bears the greater risk related to the misguided solvency of a potential client.

How the risk is valued by the lender, how much the Moneydoor loan costs and, as a result

what will you incur the cost of consolidating payday loans?

At the maximum amount of cash offered by Moneydoor, ie PLN 3,000, it will be necessary to repay more than twice as much as PLN 8532.44 for a period of 30 months – this will have to be paid back in the period of two and a half years. The cost of such consolidation of payday loans will amount to 4532.44 PLN.

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